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HFG Advisor

Welcome to the archives of The Advisor, Health Facilities Group’s medium for broadcasting advancements in healthcare architecture and design. Because HFG appreciates the expertise of those stakeholders whose hard work keeps communities healthy, our regularly published original content is written specifically to aid you in your mission by removing the distraction of unfiltered information. Supplemental external sources offer a diversity of perspectives on a wide range of topics. From entrenched policy to emerging technology, finding the right information now pre-empts time-consuming delays in the future. We hope that doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare professionals will find this curated selection of past editions of HFG’s The Advisor useful in their always evolving contribution to patient wellness.

HFG Advisor 2017 Issue 1

HFG Advisor 2017 Issue 2

HFG Advisor 2017 Issue 3

Special – USP 800 – Pharmaceutical Edition