The specialists for specialists.


When it comes to health care, you sometimes need a specialist. That’s Health Facilities Group. Our extensive experience in the industry, coupled with a deep understanding of what does and doesn’t work in health care environments, is a distinctive asset to our partners.

Our work begins with market analysis, assessments, comprehensive program development, scope determination, cost determination, and flexible plans that are designed to accommodate those inevitable changes in health care delivery.

We factor in the important federal criteria so that reimbursements can be maximized for both major and minor capital investments.

We incorporate a specialized system for inclusive design charrettes that provides an avenue for stakeholders to express their concerns, preferences and goals. HFG places great emphasis on staging and planning complex work in order to keep people safe, interference at a minimum, and to ensure that critical functions are always operational.

We respect your financial capabilities, and will present a realistic vision of what is achievable. HFG’s has an impeccable record of being on time and on budget.